A Word from a Chaplain

How Buddhism Taught Me How To Be a Better Christian

Chaplain Resident Deborah Metcalf I’ve always had an affinity for learning about other people, places, cultures and religions. In college I did my best to study as many different religions as possible in the theology department. Through this, I gained some experience with the Abrahamic traditions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But I didn’t have the … Continue reading How Buddhism Taught Me How To Be a Better Christian

“You are but dust”

Reflections on Impermanence and Mortality on Ash Wednesday Chaplain Resident Michelle Jendry I remember getting ashes on my first Ash Wednesday as a Christian. The morning light shone softly through the stained glass windows in the old church building. It was a small crowd. I took my seat, by myself near a window and away … Continue reading “You are but dust”

Collective Grief

Chaplain Resident Kelsey Lewis One Sunday afternoon I was doing my best to get through a yoga session when my sister barged into the room saying, “I just got a tweet: TMZ is reporting Kobe Bryant’s dead.” My response was, “TMZ must be desperate for attention.” Within minutes, every news station, ESPN, and social media … Continue reading Collective Grief

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