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Who are we? What is our work? Learn more about the Chaplains at Michigan Medicine and the care we provide on a daily basis and during times of crisis.

Michigan Medicine Chaplains Imam Kamau Ayubbi, Rabbi Sara Adler, and Rabbi Benyamin Vineburg come together to ensure the needs of specific faith communites are met. Click here to read it.

Michigan Medicine Chaplain, Imam Kamau Ayubbi is interviewed by Amie Tyler, a meditation and embodied spirituality teacher following the death of George Floyd. Click here to access it.

Michigan Medicine Chaplain Resident, Priest Joshua Genig, wrote a scholarly article on spirituality in health-care, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to access the article.

Michigan Medicine Chaplains, Rabbi Benyamin Vineburg and Rabbi Sara Adler, are featured in this article written by Netana Markovitz, MD Candidate at the University of Michigan. Click here to read the article.

Michigan Medicine Chaplain, Rabbi Sara Adler, is one of the Chaplains featured in this article which shares the experience of being a Chaplain during the COVID-19 pandemic. click here to read.

Michigan Medicine Chaplain Fr Lew Eberhart shares his experience as a Chaplain on the frontlines of COVID-19 and what keeps him going.

Podcast interview by Tariq Toure with Imam Kamau Ayubbi “Self, Soul, and Seeking Isolation with Imam Kamau Ayubbi”