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20 Questions to help with COVID anxiety

From Dr. Kathleen Smith a list of 20 questions that can be helpful in identifying your priorities, where you can helpful, and what pitfalls might lie ahead of you.

  1. What reality-based problems do I need to solve today?
  2. What information do I need today?
  3. When is the best time of day for me to read the news to update myself?
  4. What’s the difference between thoughtfully and anxiously focusing on this problem?
  5. How can I hold onto my best thinking when others are panicking?
  6. How can I be a resource to others without becoming over-responsible for them?
  7. How can I make time to define my principles for navigating this problem?
  8. How can I share my thinking without trying to force others to follow it?
  9. How do I know when I am anxiously avoiding the problem?
  10. How might I automatically rely on other to reassure me or calm me down?
  11. How can I stay calm and stick with a decision I’ve made, when others may disagree or be upset with me?
  12. What does it look like to think flexibly, and allow for new information to inform my decisions?
  13. What are my responsibilities to myself, my family, and the larger community?
  14. What does it look like to be responsible for my health during this time?
  15. What anxious behaviors or habits might get in the way of this responsibility?
  16. How can I stay in emotional contact with others if in-person contact become limited?
  17. What people in my life are examples of maturity who can be useful to me at this time?
  18. In what relationship might reactivity and anxiety be high during the next month?
  19. How might I sink into immaturity in those relationships?
  20. What would be the evidence that I am handling this problem with maturity?
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