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COVID-19 Response

Excerpt from a letter written by Martin Luther to Reverend Doctor Johann Hess, pastor at Breslau during the Bubonic Plauge

Similar to the Stress Continuum Model below, the Mental Health Continuum Model helps to identify where you, or those you care for, are operating from a mental health perspective. At this time, few people are in the green. Most of us are yellow or above.

We are experiencing high levels of stress. This continuum developed by the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy can help to identify where you currently are on the continuum. Few of us in are green during a moment like this.

Reproduced from Nash WP. US Marine Corps and Navy combat and operational stress continuum model: a tool for leaders. In Ritchie EC, ed. Combat and Operational Behavioral Health, Fort Detrick, MD: Borden Institute; 2011: Figure 7-1
Religious rituals can be a saving grace to some who are hospitalized. Read this reflection from Muslim Chaplain Sohaib Sultan on his own experience while in the hospital. Click here.
“Kaytlin Butler, a chaplain at Mount Sinai Hospital, often tells the sick that they do not have to be alone. She says it to them even now, when hospitals have barred many patients from receiving visitors…” Learn more about the Chaplain experience and what it means to be a Chaplain during the pandemic. Click here
How are Chaplains responding? Listen to this interview from NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Mike Yonkers, a chaplain at University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. He’s counseling patients with COVID-19, their families and hospital staff from March 29, 2020.
For Michigan Medicine’s information on COVID-19 Click Here
Podcast interview by Tariq Toure with Imam Kamau Ayubbi “Self, Soul, and Seeking Isolation with Imam Kamau Ayubbi”
Article from Harvard Business Review: “That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief”
20 Questions to help with COVID anxiety.
A list recommend Websites to help with stress and anxiety due to COVID-19
Moment of mindfulness handwashing technique by Kamau Ayubbi
Respecting Yourself in the Presence of Distress – a guide to help you identify behaviors of stress and how to create a system to warn yourself.
Tips for Social Distancing, Quarantine, And Isolation During an Infections Disease Outbreak – information to help you take care of your behavioral health

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