Muslim Resources

The Holy Quran for Muslim patient, family & staff care

an audio resource page with narrated chapters for healing and comfort, wellness and beautification, and removing negative energy, as well as a narration of The Holy Quran.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: Whoever recites Surah Yaseen, then if they are in fear, they will gain peace and safety. If they are sick, they will be cured. If they are starved, Allah will nourish them’. (Ad-Daa’i wad Dawaa).

Abu Darda (RA) narrates that whoever recites Sura Yaseen close to a dying person, then their death will be an easy one. (Recorded by Ad-Dailami and Ibn Hibban)

Below is an 18-minute narration of Surah Yasin


SURAH RAHMAN – A 12-minute recitation for wellness and beautification.


SURAH BAQARAH  – A 2-hour narration known to bring Angelic Support, or a way of clearning negative energy.


THE HOLY QURAN – a 10 hour narration of The Holy Quran to be played for extended comfort or spiritual needs.


Friday Jumuah Message recorded Friday, April 10, 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic from Imam Kamau Ayubbi, Chaplain at Michigan Medicine